Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rummy Don't Matter No More

Shhh. Be still. Real still. Do you hear that? Yep, that’s the hum of nonsense spilling forth from all the mainstream Democrats in their never ending attempts to fuck up an election.

You can hear it in a Peter Welch campaign ad. You can hear it in a Peter Freyne love letter masquerading as a newspaper column. And you can hear it in all the blind little Bernie supporters who keep screaming about some boogie man lurking when all I ever see is an obnoxiously rich opponent making a complete ass of himself (that would be Tarrant, folks).

Let’s face it, Democrats don’t know how to win. In fact, I’m convinced that they’ve convinced themselves that it’s not politically correct to win. Kind of like the folks in the Burlington ‘burbs who’ve convinced themselves that they shouldn’t let their kids keep score at their soccer games. Get over it, already.

Oh sure, the Democrats will almost certainly gain seats in Congress and even make some headway here in Vermont. But for those of us who actually care about essential issues like the war, the impeachment of Bush and health care, we’ve got nothing but more frustration ahead no matter which party is in control of Congress next January.

We always know where the rightwing stands. They’re all too fucking clear about their lust for power, world dominance, abuse of our civil liberties, and just sheer greed. And, in a way, it’s a relief to come up against such honesty, especially when you try to figure out what it is the mainstream Democrats stand for.

And what do the Democrats stand for? I don’t think they know the answer to that question. If you don’t believe me, consider all the nervous prattle going on right now about the Democratic call for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation. This half-measure of near-nothingness is about as typical of Democratic action of late as anything.

It is an absolute no-brainer that Rumsfeld is a complete ass. In fact, I don’t even think Rumsfeld would argue that point since he seemingly takes such pleasure in the role. But he’s basically irrelevant. It wouldn’t matter if Donald-fucking-Duck were the head of the Pentagon right now because the Bush White House would be telling him where to take his stupid quacks.

But that hasn’t stopped all the electoral-season Democrats from getting up on their silly hind legs and making the removal of Rumsfeld issue number one for the week. Why? Because it’s easy. And the mainstream Democrats of today love to take it easy. Because if they ain’t taking it easy, they’re having to take a real stand. For some strange reason, that really sucks for today’s Democrats.

If the goal is to stop the war and get rid of Bush, why can't the Democrats call for an end to the war and the impeachment of Bush? This "remove Rumsfeld" stuff is just busy work, yet another half-measure from a party that continues to be afraid of boldness and apparently confused by what it wants or believes.

This is the time to be asking Democrats -- especially Bernie -- what they've done lately to stop the war and to get rid of Bush. That's what we want, isn't it? Instead, we let them off the hook easy by simply calling for the removal of Rumsfeld. Sorry, but that's a no brainier.

The truth is that Bernie hasn't done a thing to end this war. And he's very publicly refused to endorse efforts to impeach Bush. But the Vermont liberals -- led by the Freyne cheerleading squad -- are refusing to demand that he (and other top Dems) listen to, respect and ACT UPON these deeply felt opinions of Vermonters.

Think about it, when the Republicans wanted to stymie the Clinton agenda (whatever the hell that was) they didn't ask for the removal of his Health Secretary because of the blowjob he received, they asked for Clinton's removal. Likewise, the Dems shouldn't be wasting their time on Rumsfeld and, instead, aiming for the main man himself.

Let's face it, Bernie's got the easiest campaign in the nation for U.S. Senate. Tarrant is a fucking idiot, we all know that. So instead of doing the obvious and jumping on the bandwagon that can barely hold anyone else, wouldn't it make sense to start pushing Bernie to do more than he has for the left that he proclaims to be a part of? Because, as it stands now, he's taking us for granted and completely getting away with it.

Yo Democrats, the next time you're yucking it up with Bernie, why don't you ask him these simple questions: 1) What legislation have you introduced to stop the war? 2) If Bush is as bad as you say he is (and we know he is), how do you plan to remove him?

And, please, enough with this Rumsfeld nonsense. It's not going to happen and -- even if it did -- it wouldn't matter.

Trust me, the Democrats are going to fuck this election up. They may win, but they won’t know what to do if/when they do. And we only have our weak-kneed activist left to blame for it because we’ve been letting them all off the hook by cheering all the stupid shit they’re saying and not demanding REAL answers to the VERY REAL problems this nation is facing.

Mark my snarky words.