Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Help Wanted

Oh holy hell. Yes, holy hell. The holiest of hellishly holy hells. Or, if you’d rather: fuck it. Yep, that’s the mood again this morning as I attempt the ghastly task of upgrading the Snarky Boy website for you, dear readers. And so, with lots of unsnarky humbleness, I issue this plea to the great web community: HELP! Specifically, I need someone who knows the most basic code for Wordpress-powered blogs. Anyone out there? Anyone want to get creative with Snarky Boy? Because, as of this minute, I’m not wasting another minute trying to decipher the nonsense of codes, themes, templates, style sheets and the like. Nope. Ain’t gonna do it. Instead, I’m gonna write – and paint, of course.

I’m waiting for you to contact me at VtSnarkyBoy@yahoo.com