Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Democracy Wednesday

Yo. Rule number one: Watch your tongue. Especially when you have an ever-growing audience that may include certain clients who wear suits and baseball caps [see below]. Yikes. Who knew? But after the oh-so-nice-current-boss-man informed me that he was, indeed, aware of the Snarky Boy, I broke my rule of not checking my stat page. Holy cow. Someone’s sure spreading the word. Big time. Let’s just say that you’re far from alone in visiting. Well, you and over 500 other unique visitors every day. So, I thank you all for playing. And, as usual, I thank you for your emails, which, of course, can be sent to:

P.S. Don’t worry, I’m not going to watch my tongue. Besides, it would be way too late to start now. So, get over it and keep reading, my friends.


Whew, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at the news. Ew. Maybe not. Because yesterday was ugly in Iraq, the Dems and Bush keep promising more money for the misadventure, Bush declared that his Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, did a heck of a job at his Senate hearing (hmm, where have we heard that one?), and the Pentagon is getting it from the Tillman family and Jessica Lynch for being the lying propagandistic bastards that they are. Yeah, it’s ugly out there.

Well, not when it comes to the Vermont impeachment crowd. The little movement that could just keeps on chugging up the hill, turning milquetoast Dems into believers faster than the weather changes, and gaining more and more followers by the minute.

Ah, there’s only one thing Snarky Boy likes better than a cold one: The smell of democracy in the morning, baby. And it absolutely reeks of democracy in Vermont of late. Better yet, the more the ninny insiders try to play their stalling and derailment games, the more they look like the asses that they are.

The Shumlin Snake, for example, did what all good snakes do from time to time: slither here to fore until a new sense of comfort has been attained. Better yet, while getting himself all comfortable with his contorted positions on impeachment, the Shumlin Snake has managed once again to put a big turd on desk of his cohort, Gaye Symington. Well, that’s not really true, since Gaye has been doing everything in her power to look even more ridiculous than Shumlin on the issue of impeachment.

But – much to my snarky dismay – the grassroots impeachment crowd just keeps chugging away, making wimpy pols look like – well – wimpy pols. At this point, there’s enough egg on the faces of the weather-vane Dem leadership to feed the throngs of Vermonters who will be marching to the Statehouse once again today. Would you like home fries with that?

Once again, your snarky friend will be taking a long lunch break for the benefit of witnessing Dem leaders squirm and pure democracy in action. As we all know by now, at 1:00 today, the Vermont House will be considering the same impeachment resolution that passed the Senate last Friday morning. The prospects for passage in the Symington-led House don’t look good at this moment. But if we’ve learned anything over the last few weeks about this amorphous mob of impeachment seekers it’s that it’s not wise to bet against them. Geez, don’t you just hate it when people believe in something enough to take effective action? Oh wait, that’s what this democracy thing was supposed to be about, right? Go team, go.

For political junkies like me, it’ll be fun to see how this movement turns the corner after the Statehouse drama ends today. Will they, for example, aim their impeachment venom at our foot-dragging congressman, Peter Welch? Let’s hope so.

If they do, we’ll certainly see old limp Peter roll out his famous double talk. It’ll sound a lot like his defense of talking against the war but voting to fund it. He’s a lawyer, you know, and made scads of money speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Worse, Peter’s got that uncanny ability to absolutely put you to sleep while trying to talk around an issue. So, after awhile, you really don’t care about his conclusion because you just want him to stop talking already. He is, after all, ruining a good nap.

Oh well, it should be a good show today – win or lose. Stay tuned for snarky updates.