Monday, November 06, 2006

Talk of the Town

If I were Peter Freyne or any of the other lowlife homeboy bloggers out there, I’d begin my weekly blogging fest with an oh-so-proud reference to the Darren Allen article in the Times-Argus that prominently included Snarky Boy – photo of this homepage and all! But I’m not that pathetic. Whatever. But I will add that I found Allen’s dismissal of the whiner-bloggers around here (you know who you are) quite delicious. You know, the bloggers who brag about some decentralized utopia but censor the voices of dissent and complain about foul language. At least Allen saw through them. Now piss off.

When I last signed off I told you that you’d be hearing about me. Well, that wasn’t even the story I was referring to. There’s a bigger national outlet tracking the words and deeds of the Snarkmaster and I’m hoping that piece will be out soon. Trust me, you’ll see it.

But, fuck all that, let’s get to the real stuff.

I hope you all did your Vermont democratic duty yesterday and watched the debates on VPT. Good grief, what a nightmare. By the end of the last debate I needed to wring my head out like a filthy washcloth. Have you ever seen such nonsense?

The biggest nightmare by far was watching Brian Dubie act like a 3rd grader trying to make his first-ever group presentation. How fucking painful was that? And would someone please tell him that thumbing through documents for a television audience really doesn’t work. Why does it feel like he’s some cartoon character who jumped off the page and into reality for our entertainment pleasure? But then you realize this dunce is for real and that he’s actually been elected twice to the state’s second highest office. I found myself repeating this mantra throughout his painful performance: Oh fuck, he’s real.

Let’s face it, Dubie looked and acted more like one of the many wingnuts than an incumbent. I’m mean, Cris Erikson could present an argument better than Dubie and she was probably stoned out of her mind.

But what I’m really wondering about is when will someone in Peter Diamondstone’s family recommend that he get a haircut? Poor fella. He makes enormous amounts of sense but he looked like he just spent the night partying with Nick Nolte. But, then again, Craig Hill’s got a nice little haircut and he still sounds absolutely whacked most of the time.

Speaking of Hill, what’s up with the Vermont Green Party? I thought the Greens were about the environment and sane social policies. But the crop of Greens running in Vermont seem to be about one conspiracy after another. If it’s not 9/11, for example, it’s voting fraud. And, trust me, when they get less than 1% of the vote tomorrow, that’ll be a conspiracy, too. Petra Kelly’s rolling over in her grave over these clowns.

And the best news of all? It’s all over tomorrow. Not a day too soon.

Here are your winners: Sanders, Welch, Douglas, and Dubie. Vermonters just love the same-old, same-old, no matter what else they tell you.