Thursday, August 31, 2006

Game: On

It's on, motherfuckers. No more hiding behind the comments or hidden identities. No more locking Snarky Boy out of your precious little insider sites. Because, this Sunday, the Snarky Boy will settle this nonsense once and for all. Let it be known from Brattleboro to St. Albans, and from Putney to Norton (where?), that the Snarkmaster is bringing his A-game to the Thunderdome of Worship to settle it all and to settle it now. That's right. It's a mud war! I have communicated via private email to all seven of Vermont's liberal bloggers, inviting each to a Snarky vs. their tag-team of rag doll pansy asses in what can only be described as -- well -- a mud wrestling session. This is serious. This will end the flame war once and for all. Because the last blogger standing at the end of the night gets one thing and maybe two things only: A photo of themselves with Philip Baruth that will -- of course -- be posted on his website (and you know how much he likes that). But that's not all: the winner of this take-no-prisoners mud war also gets to declare himself -- sorry but the only chick in this game is a rightwinger -- Master of the Blogging Community (behind, of course, King Phil and Queen Cathy).

The rules? Bring it on. You show up, you get dirty, and either offer Snarky a beer to distract him or get in the pit to fight him. And when the first liberal blogger says "uncle," it's over, and Snarky is the man.

Got it? Good.

You can email me at for more information.

Let's get it on.