Friday, September 29, 2006

Banned and Not So Confused

Wow. That was easy. Snarky Boy has managed to be banned from most of the liberal Vermont blogging sites within a mere few weeks of operation. Ha! I’ll put that on my resume. Frankly, I’m surprised this nest of ninnies allowed as many opinions to their left as they did. But, like the good cowardly liberals that they are, they’ve effectively donned their Stalinist tendencies and purged themselves of a need to heed anything to the vast left of the middle from which they stand – er, make that: sit. Standing would imply a bit too much action on their part.

The last of the ninnies to officially bounce Snarky Boy from his site is none other than Peter Freyne of Seven Daze. I guess he doesn’t like to be reminded of his dopey past and lethargic present. Whatever.

Like the previous liberal bloggers who’ve so joyfully practiced censorship, Freyne did it quietly, without notice to his fawning readers. It’s easier that way. While I know it’s a piece of cake to rush the gates and post under different names, I’m not going to do it. I proved my point. Now they can have their echo chamber and their oh-so wonderful beliefs that there’s nothing to the left of their pretty little opinions.

They will, for example, drool over Bernie, cream their panties over Lamont, and certainly get on the Hillary bandwagon when called to do so. Sadly, that’s the Vermont liberal way. It’s an insider’s club that is more stifling than any liberal movement in America. As they’ve proven with their blogger-censorship, you either praise and get in line or you get banned – all in the name of political change!

Luckily, Snarky Boy’s got some large national venues to play to – I’ll let you in on those in the near future. I tried to play in Vermont with the understanding that it would not last due to the clubbish nature of liberalism here. And I was right. Vermont likes to pretend to be alternative but it’s really all for show. The truth is that Vermont liberals are as scared and compliant as the sheep that used to roam here.

But I ain’t knocking at that door no more.