Monday, February 19, 2007

Dem Poodles

Aren’t the Democrats cute? I mean, come on, these little poodles in a self-imposed cage can’t even snarl enough to push a real piece of legislation regarding the war in Iraq. Instead, they keep yipping and yapping about a “resolution.” Yip. Yap. Yip. Yap.

They remind me of the little dog that barks “ferociously” at the bigger dog but only if it’s firmly on a leach and able to run behind its owners legs if the real dog so much as offers a hint of retribution. Yip. Yap. Yip. Yap.


The Republicans, of course, are just sitting back and calling the Dems’ bluff. Well, worse than that, they’re using the procedural rules of the U.S. Senate to literally kill any debate on the Iraq war. The New York Times’ headline last weekend pretty much summed up the malaise of the nation on this issue: “Senate Republicans Vote to Block Debate on Iraq War.” Ouch.

The irony, of course, is that the Republicans are still clinging to the public relations notion that this war is about “exporting democracy” to the poor Iraqis. Hmmm, perhaps they could start by showing the Iraqis that it’s not real cool to “block debate” on the number one issue facing our democracy.

Yeah sure, Iraqis, follow us…

My guess is that there’s little time left to get anything done about his war before the 2008 election. The Republicans will continue to snicker over their coy use of the rules to stifle any debate and the Dems will begin their usual pre-election banter about “not jeopardizing the election” by taking strong stands. So the Republicans will get John McCain and his thirst to hold the military trigger and the Dems will get Hillary Clinton and her thirst to put on the strap-on presidential dildo. Take that, Bill!

As for the rest of us, well, we’re fucked. As usual. Unless, of course, we stop listening to the ninnies of both deaf parties, rise up to mimic the great activism that really changed things in this country, and demand the change that is needed rather than the rhetoric of change we’re constantly being fed.

You know, it would kind of be like showing the Iraqis what democracy is REALLY supposed to look like. Any takers?

It’s not really any better here in Vermont. The Dems have veto-proof majorities in both houses of the legislature but are still doing little but yipping and yapping. Okay, okay, they passed their own war “resolution” but it was just a – ahem – resolution. They could also pass resolutions to end global warming and provide health care for all and it would have the same affect: Zippo. The Vermont Dems have absolutely no excuse for NOT being bold right now. Other than, of course, they’re Dems and they’ve become institutionally afraid of their own shadows. Boo!

This & That: It’s been nice of late to see the fine words of Terry Allen pop back on the radar screen. My email box has been the recipient of two of her pieces in the last week. Allen, an East Montpelier resident, is now apparently a staff writer for In These Times. For those with a bit of an institutional media memory, Allen tried to grace Vermonters with her investigative journalism before she got chased out of the Times-Argus offices by rubbing the power elite the wrong way by doing an expose on Norwich University. Gasp! Silly Terry, she forgot that Vermont can’t tolerate such journalism. We prefer, quite obviously, jingoism. Go Stowe! Go Sugarbush! Go incumbents! Go team, go! No warts here. No siree.

Wouldn’t it be nice, however, if the new editor at the Times-Argus, Sue Allen (no relation to Terry) could lure Terry back for some local reporting? Don’t count on it. The word on the street is that the General Manager at the TA, Anita Ancel, the meddling business lady over there, wouldn’t have it. Poor Sue. Poor Central Vermonters.

Thanks for the words, Terry. Keep ‘em coming.

Like most of us, I’m still recovering from the endless snow removal. And, judging from the streets in Montpelier, they’ve given up. There’s no school there again today because the sidewalks are still blocked. Did someone at City Hall forget this was still Vermont? Before Mayor Hooper gets the nod to replace Francis Brooks in the State Legislature, perhaps the good Dems of the city could demand an explanation for the city’s miserable snow removal plan. Just a thought.

And here’s another thought:
Since the state is always so quick to throw money at the skiing and snowmobile industries when they’re experiencing a down side, I’m wondering if those industries will reciprocate and offer to give a little something extra back to the state now that their parking lots are filled with Connecticut’s Hummers? Just another thought.