Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Random Blogging

Wow. Thanks, dear readers, for all the readership and feedback last week. It was, without a doubt, the number one week in the eight months of Snarky Boy blogging. I’m humbled. Sort of. And I’m thrilled. Kind of. But, unfortunately, I’m still broke. So off to work I go, this time to be part of my last crew job before getting to the great world of outdoor painting. Painting houses, that is. Yep, the wonderful world of working outdoors, sun burns, bee stings, thankful and not so thankful clients and the delicious opportunity to have a cold one and a early evening swim in some of the best ponds and reservoirs in the universe right here in Central Vermont. Gotta love it. The cold one and the swimming, that is. Because the work is starting to suck more than ever, especially with you freeloaders demanding more and more daily snarkiness. Something’s got to give. And I’d rather it be the painting, quite frankly. And you? So let’s get creative. If you’ve got ideas, thoughts, suggestions or promises of cash to get Snarky Boy off the ladder and in front of the computer more frequently, send them to me at Imagine, for example, if Snarky Boy had time to attend press conferences? Oh what fun…

Speaking of work, I was getting ready to report to duty at my state office building this morning when my “boss” called to say the grounds people hadn’t prepped the building in time for us to start. Welcome to the world of labor specialization. Painters, you see, aren’t allowed to do the work that the grounds people are entitled and/or required to do. You know, kind of like you wouldn’t want your internist to examine your toothache. Yeah right. But I guess it makes us all feel that much more important about our jobs involving desk moving and paint application.

So, speaking of money, I’m not gonna be buying anyone a beer when Friday rolls around this week. Because I’m planning to miss work tomorrow, too, due to previously scheduled “cold-like symptoms” I’ve felt coming on since I was informed of the march on Bernie Sanders’ office tomorrow at 2:00. So, if you’re planning on feeling too ill for work tomorrow and want to join Phase Two of “Let’s Get Some Action from Our Delegation on the War,” folks are meeting at 2:00 in front of City Hall before marching up to Bernie’s office on Church Street to find out what in the hell he’s got planned to end the war NOW rather than later. Should be interesting.

The word from my contacts at Bernie’s office is that – unlike the rather un-savvy Welch – he’ll be issuing a statement later this afternoon that will attempt to take the wind out of the activists’ sails. You know, by saying something like: “I support any and all efforts to end this war now, including efforts to curtail additional funding.” But we shall see. Stay tuned.

Speaking of Welch, it was good to hear Mark Johnson of WDEV take some creative shots at Welch this morning for his ridiculous “carbon neutral” nonsense. “I’m sorry,” concluded Johnson, “but it just feels a little silly.” Oh yeah.

Johnson also gave what is the best analogy I’ve heard so far from those of us who see the silliness in Welch’s Church of Carbon Neutrality: “It’s kind of like sitting at a track and eating a box of cookies but paying someone to run around the track for you so you could be calorie neutral.” Bingo.

Welch is either completely out of touch or he thinks his constituents are completely stupid. And, frankly, I think it’s a whole lot of both. If there is a congressperson trying harder than Welch to be dumped from office in 2008, I haven’t seen one. I mean, come on, being elected to one of Vermont’s top elected posts is usually a lifetime job. Unless, of course, you fumble like Welch has fumbled right out of the gate.

Notice, for example, that the guy who proclaimed last week that “no one is more opposed to the war that I am” failed to make it to the anti-war rally in Burlington over the weekend. Hmm, could it be that Welch knew the boos he’d be facing? Smart man. And cowardly, too.

Of course, it would also have been more than a little awkward for Welch to have to hear the cheers for Rep. David Zuckerman (P-Burlington), a man who should have challenged Welch in the last election and probably will in 2008, who declared that he couldn’t recall any politician saying in the last campaign season that they wanted “half the troops out of Iraq by 2008.” You’re right, David. The joke’s on us – at least until the next election.

Many other congress members took their weekend time to meet and greet their constituents on the war issue, especially since they knew the war funding issue was front and center on the minds of those of us who don’t care how Anna Nicole Smith died. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, for example, even went so far as to hold a town hall-style meeting in her Oakland district to celebrate her “no” vote on the funding bill that Welch supported. Lee was trying to help rally anti-war opposition and listen to the people she represents. CLICK HERE to hear the words from one of her constituents, the actor Sean Penn, had to say at the town meeting.

I’m not sure what Welch was doing over the weekend, but he certainly wasn’t rallying the anti-war crowd. Nope. Welch was hiding from the anti-war crowd, even while giving us the jive about being “more anti-war” than any of us. Yeah sure, Peter, whatever you say. Just keep your law license up to date….

Speaking of being wrong, it was weird being in Montpelier this morning and seeing the sandbags slowly being taken away. Was that all just a dream? Personally, I think we should just keep the sandbags in place just so Montpelier looks like a war zone and we’ll say it’s all to be in solidarity with the people of Baghdad. Our fear of imminent disaster shouldn’t end until theirs does, too. Leave ‘em up until the war ends. Just a thought.