Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pleasure Not Pain

Well, it’s out of the frying pan into the fire for this painter boy. Sadly, my gig at the senior center is coming to a rather abrupt ending. No, I didn’t get the boot. Instead, I got a “promotion” to yet another institution job. Yep, your not-so-friendly Snarky Boy is going back on the public dole as a crewmember at a state office-painting gig. And, trust me, painting around the little old men and women is a whole hell of a lot more interesting than painting around the wandering souls that call state-sponsored cubicles their home.

I know I’m gonna catch hell from the ever-growing number of state and federal employees clicking onto this site every (work) day but, I’m sorry, these folks have perfected the art of dilly-dallying. I’ll bet that if you followed one of these folks around all day you’d find they were only productive for about a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the afternoon. The rest of the time, I swear, they’re yakking at the water cooler, wise-cracking over their cubicles, flirting between cubicles, taking personal phone calls, playing video games and/or just wandering around rather aimlessly.

For me, I get to play the fly on the wall routine and watch this madness all around me. After about the third or fourth day of it, it really starts to feel like I’m back in my more youthful contracting days and painting the state prisons or mental institutions. Because it’s all about killing time, baby.

But the really good news is that I get a couple of days off between gigs. Lucky you. And luckier me.

Snark on.