Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Town Meeting Update, Part Three (In which the nasty lady’s neighbors tell her to shut the fuck up)

It’s been all of four days but I’m sure you all remember the “nasty lady” from the Statehouse hearings last week who told Cindy Sheehan that she was “a disgrace to her son’s memory” for organizing against the war in Iraq. Yeah, that lady: Marion Gray of Calais, Vermont, who lost a stepson in the same war as Sheehan lost her son. But the difference between Sheehan and Gray was that Gray got way, way down in the gutter and said all kinds of beyond-nasty things to Sheehan and the rest of the anti-war crowd.

Well, paybacks are a bitch. Tonight, it’s being reported that Gray’s hometown of Calais listened to her same hateful rants today and then gave her the hard news that, well, her stepson died because, according to Calais residents, President Bush ordered him to fight in an illegal and unjust war.

So, Marion, the next time you want to say something spiteful to a woman who shares your immense pain, why don’t you save it for the guy in the White House who dodged the same kind of service your step-son relished. Because that’s where it belongs.

Congrats to Calais.