Friday, March 30, 2007

Take That, Dems: Douglas Picks Anderson to Fill Brooks’ Seat

Boy, sometimes it just feels like Governor Douglas and his staff are having all the fun. First, the Dems in the House and the Senate are doing absolutely nothing to frighten him. Next, they run to their rooms like little schoolchildren whenever he so much as says “boo.” And now he’s ever so gleefully sticking his finger in the Montpelier Dem elites by announcing this afternoon that he’s appointing Jon Anderson to replace Francis Brooks in the Vermont House.

Of course, Snarky Boy readers will have already known that this was going to happen – because Snarky Boy does his homework and I wrote about it weeks ago. Unlike the dopey Dem sites like Green Mountain Daily that went a typical zero-for-three in its predictions for who was going to get the nod from the Guv. [Note to Odum: It looks really, really silly when you tout your wife for a job she didn’t have a prayer in landing. There must be easier ways to get laid, my friend.]

The Dems, in response, will do what they always do: They will pout, throw a tantrum and cry about how unfair it all is. Boo-fucking-hoo. But let’s face it, when you show no teeth, no focus, no leadership, you gotta expect the Guv and his team of fun-loving advisors to keep poking you.

The Montpelier Dems were banking on the Guv picking the town’s mayor, Mary Hooper, to fill the seat. In fact, Mary was all but wearing the crown, even doing little to quiet the rumors that once she was in the House she’d be looking for a step up to the Senate (taking on racer Phil Scott). Well, so much for that. I guess she’ll just have to remain content with her volunteer-mayoralship.

The dwindling left-wing of the Capital Dems weren’t, however, thrilled with Hooper. And it’s not hard to understand why: Hooper is the epitome of the milquetoast Dem. In fact, she’d make a weathervane seem consistent.

Hooper and her “hey, that’s not fair” supporters will now be putting out the word in their little insider whisper-fests that she’ll be challenging Anderson in a primary in 2008. But I’d bet that many of her supporters will have about as much of a backbone on that threat as the Dems have on ending the war. Ahem, that would be zero. Damn, there’s that number again. Instead, I’ll bet Anderson plays his cards right over the next year and a half, watches the suckling Dems come suckling, and then scares bland Mary from even entering the race.

TGIF, my friends.