Thursday, January 25, 2007

And the Revolving Door Keeps Spinning...

You people are ruthless. Absolutely and completely ruthless. But I asked you to speak up and – well – you yelled.

For those not up to speed with the current game in play, I asked readers to send me their prediction for which Vermont media stars would quit next and where they would go. I tried to launch a Peter Freyne prediction but got nowhere.

But you folks got far more creative. Here’s a sampling of yours with a couple more of mine thrown in for good measure:

Candace Page will quit the Free Press and sign up to play the Granny on a future remake of the Beverly Hillbillies;

John Dillon will quit Vermont Public Radio and begin touring as John Denver;

Marselis Parsons at WCAX won’t need to quit because he’s already dead;

The Routly/Paulston 7Daze ladies will team up with Rusty Dewees to make a hideously unfunny Vermont remake of Lavern & Shirley;

Bob Kinzel of VPR will seek to replace Marselis Parsons at WCAX because he’s dead, too. But, after being rejected as being too liberal, he’ll take his Elvis sideburns on the road and start playing the King in Midwest venues;

Steward Ledbetter will quit at Vermont This Week only because he’s realizing it will kill you if you sit in that chair too long;

Kristin Carlson will quit WCAX and begin dancing at Barre’s Planet Rock now that the “three-foot rule” is being enforced;

Mark Johnson will quit his WDEV radio show simply because his same old callers -- Bill & Laura in Waterbury, Rama in Williamstown, Dick in St. Albans, and that other guy who says “Mark” after every sentence -- will drive him ape-shit crazy;

Paul Beaudry at True North Radio will quit to become the new head of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, after announcing that he is, indeed, playing the “boy role” in his sordid affair with Bill O’Reilly.

And since the theme from several readers took on the celebrity look-alike mode, let me remind you that one of my original posts featured the little known fact that Anthony Pollina is actually Gene Simmons of Kiss. Just check out the image for yourself.

I know, I know, it’s a stretch to call Pollina a media person – he’s awful and he pays for his airtime – but I think he’s still on the air. Just like he’s still “saving” farmers. Hmm, how’s that going? He’s just lucky that Vermonters like perseverance – not results. He learned that from his old boss, Bernie Sanders, and he’s been “milking it” for decades.

Keep your suggestions coming, folks.