Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Vermont Dems Open with a Big Yawn

Okay, you’re all in for it now. I’ve got my favorite band of the moment on (The Kills) and I’m pumped from a day of listening to talk radio and painting the holy hell out of the interior of a house that I’d rather have pissed on than painted. Oh my, was that rude? Damn straight it was rude. Get over it.

The streets of Montpelier were loaded today with a whole host of cheery ninnies on their way to do the “people’s business.” Yep, it was day one of the new legislature, and oh-my-fucking-goodness couldn’t you just feel the sleepiness of it all?

The leads on the radio news sounded something like this: Go slow. Go real fucking slow.

They were talking about, of course, the not-so-mighty Dems who always seem to talk tough for about an hour after they’re elected but then never cease to run from their own shadows when they get a mere moment’s worth of political power.

But the Vermont Dems’ go-slow, propose nothing of real substance other than look and study issues of apparent substance seemed to be just fine with the Dem Kool-Aid drinkers and the just as sleepy populace. If you don’t believe me, put on your stink masks and venture over to Green Mountain Daily and witness the nothingness of the post by GMD godfather Odum on the words of nothingness by Speaker Symington. I mean, come on, she said absolutely nothing of substance, nothing that would inspire, and much that would insult the intelligence of those of us who – even for a moment – believed the tough talk about the new, mighty, veto-proof Dems coming to Montpelier. But that wouldn’t stop the Dem-cultists from cheering, pretending apparently that she actually said something of substance. A big shout-out and bravo to the not yet banned “GiveTexasBack” who tried to shove Odum’s stupid words right back where they came from.

Go back, my dear readers, and look up Symington’s words and tell me if you see anything about universal health care, about banning GMOs, about shutting down Vermont Yankee, about a concrete plan to end the perverse dichotomy between the haves and have-nots in this state, about gay marriage not just civil unions, about REAL support for our ag and rural economies and culture, about the arts, or about holding the Douglas’ administration’s feet to the fire about supporting the Vermont National Guard’s continued participation in the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Nope, not a peep about any of that. Only more fucking platitudes about platitudes revolving around platitudes centering on the platitudes of go fucking slow and trying real, real hard to just get along and go slow. Fuck that.

The national Dems tried the same bullshit in DC today. But they didn’t get away with it. Instead of being allowed to drone on about all the stupid shit they wanted to drone on about, they got ambushed by Cindy Sheehan and a bevy of protesters who entered their stage little press moment with chants like this: “De-escalate, investigate, troops home now.”

Bravo, Cindy, Bravo.

And I’ll bet the activist in Vermont will do what they normally do: cheer the faraway actions of people like Sheehan but then condemn anyone and everyone who tries the same stuff here in Vermont.

Take, for example, that little entrepreneur of peace, Joseph Gainza of the Vermont Chapter of the American Friends Service Committee. While he continues to garner a very nice salary in the name of spreading peace and stopping the war, he only managed to gather 12 of his friends to his most recent vigil “protest” of the war. Sorry, but if you can only manage to get 12 people out at a lame anti-Iraq-war protest in Vermont in 2007, you suck. Or, better yet, you’re methods and message are just fucking boring. Or all three.

So, in case you’ve missed the comparison here, Sheehan was kicking the shit out of national Dems by barging in on their abundance of substance-free blather, forcing them to call an early end to their rhetorical shenanigans while Gainza and the Vermont peace crowd was busy roping in 11 other creatively-challenged “activists” to stand around for an hour burning a candle and whining.

Oh yeah, but Gainza’s sooooo nice. They mean soooooo well. And, besides, they’ve got the (Not-So) Raging Grannies on their side. Yawn.

Fuck it. If no one else is going to raise hell with these ninnies in Montpelier, Snarky Boy will. Watch your news closely, my friends, because Snarky Boy is about to make a public relations strike. The Dems who have a veto-proof majority cannot be allowed to ponder their navel for a year as they’ve proposed while those of us struggling our asses off to earn enough money to pay our taxes, pay our health care costs and donate endless hours to stop the war, protect the environment, and shut down the Vermont Yankee get absolutely nothing in return.

Come on, folks, when you see a droning Dem at the microphone, don’t applaud their droning nothingness, seize the goddamn thing. Just like Cindy. Heh, it beats burning a candle for nothing….

You’ve been warned. Snark on.