Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! Darren Allen is Leaving the Press Bureau

This just in folks: My well-placed sources have informed Snarky Boy that Darren Allen of the Vermont Press Bureau is going to pack it in as a reporter and, instead, do what he does best: flak, flak and flak. Yep, Darren has announced in an inner-office memo to his Press Bureau staff that he’s leaving his directorship there to – ready for this – go to work for the Douglas Administration as the public relations man at the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR). And he’s not wasting much time with the move, either, since Allen is apparently going to begin his new job on February 5th.

Good riddance, Darren. The Snarky Boy has been hard on you because the it’s been clear that you’ve been basically asleep at the journalistic wheel, clearly bored with the task and doing little but jogging with newsmakers and all too happy to avoid the hard questions. And now we know why: You were looking for another job. And you don’t get a job in this state unless you kiss some ass, hold your tongue, write fluff, and/or write the truth under a nice little name like….well…Snarky Boy.

You heard it here first. Now wait for the rest of the journalism ninnies to play catch up.