Thursday, January 04, 2007


Sports? Why not?

Gotta love that photo above of Notre Dame’s rather stout coach, Charlie Weiss. Boy, talk about inspiring athleticism. Ouch. You’ve got to wonder at what time this morning after he sees that picture will he begin cutting down on his morning donuts. Because, let’s face it, he ain’t eatin’ the Mark Johnson breakfast cereal. Not only did he and his team get their asses handed to them by LSU last night in the Sugar Bowl (41-14), it was the team’s ninth straight bowl game loss. The sports pundits are saying it was because of a lack of “team speed.” Yep, and I’ll bet that hefty coach ain’t speeding things up any, either. Except, of course, if someone screams “pork chops” during practice. Then all hell breaks loose.

And, while we’re speaking about coaches, how about the story in this morning’s Times
Argus about the Northfield basketball coach who was recently arrested for arranging a crack deal in the Shaw’s parking lot in downtown Montpelier? But that’s not all. At the time of his crack arrest in December, the coach, Charles Ellis, was out on bail for DUI and negligent homicide charges in New Hampshire. Upon reading about Ellis’ arrest record in the Times Argus (yes, reading about it in the Times Argus), Northfield school officials made the brilliant decision to let him go. Tough call there, huh?