Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Can You Say: Jealousy? I Knew You Could -- Just Like Candle Boy Could

Oh my goodness, the Vermont blogging ninnies are at again. Once again, they’re showing their Snarky Boy obsession by making little old me the subject of their whining. Good grief, could someone please tell them to get a life? Like much of what pretends to be a Vermont cultural scene, the Vermont blogging club is about as boring and uptight as it comes. Ironically – just like their politics – the Vermont mainstream bloggers pretend to be oh-so different but never cease to be normal when it comes to content. So, please, fellas, get over me because one of my biggest fears is that your boredom might be contagious if you give me too many links.

And with that I’ll bet they all went to buy the latest Rusty Dewees video, sent each other insider giggles about some latest blogger tech gadget, called Bernie’s office just to make sure he still knew it didn’t matter to them that he wasn’t doing anything, and then checked their blogger stats page to see if more than seven people cared to read their words. Hey fellas, a mirror would be cheaper – and it would save you a hell of a lot of time.

Now, please, let me get back to my work of entertaining the masses…