Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ding-Dong, PoliticsVT is Dead!

Do we really care? They were, after all, just posers. And, worse, they were liberal posers – the typical kind, the ones who act like they’re objective but you can see through their shit like they passed glass.

But that won’t stop the Vermont blogosphere from sending their phony words of sorrow, led by the new darling of irrelevancy, Philip Baruth over at Vermont Daily Briefing. If you want to know about him, just ask him, he’ll be happy to tell you, fry a burger for you, show you pictures of him, and – the best part – drink a shitty beer with you. All, of course, in an effort to convince you that he’s NOT a failing novelist. Yeah, sure, Phil, whatever. Just buy me another goddamn beer.

But Vermont being what Vermont is, PoliticsVT hit a nerve. They never said much and, if they did, it was just to the left of the Dean and Hillary show, thus making much of the self-important crowd swoon with pleasure.

Ironically, the same folks who seemingly can’t stand anonymity seemed to swallow it just fine when it came to PoliticsVt. The key ingredient to the bypass of the rules being, of course, a bland acceptance of all things – well – bland. It’s too bad the site is down, otherwise I’d put a link or two here or there so you could see just how goddamn benign they were. But benign in the service of power is totally accepted here in Vermont; all, of course, in the name of “alternative.”

That’s why Sanders and Douglas are both running with a smile on their faces in their “races” this year. They know the game: get in office and then watch the little peasants get in line and suck their ass until they either get caught in bed with a sixteen-year-old or decide to run for higher office. It’s really not that hard, especially with the non-existent “’alternative” media here. Once in office, always in office – thank you media friends.

If you don’t believe me, go to a press conference near you. I’ve been to a few and it’s all too predictable: the same folks sitting around the same table while the same people spin their asses silly. The worst part is that Peter Freyne, who apparently thinks he’s alternative, is stuck in some bizarre notion that alternative means everything is about him. So he banters, and he jokes, and he stalls, all apparently in an effort to get the person in power to refer to him by name. And then – voila! – that becomes “alternative” news! All power to Peter and his colorful shirts! But fuck the rest of us.

That’s why I’m not sad PoliticsVT is going away. That, and, the obvious fact that they promised to be going away soon anyway.

Finally, let me be the first to say: I don’t trust any of this bullshit about a “laptop theft” anyway. If you read their site, you’d know that they were getting tired of it and the work required to maintain their anonymity. And what’s the easy way out? Well, proclaim a horrific act of theft, of course.

Sure. Whatever. But I’m not buying it.

It smells like the same shit that is being passed off as “successful” health care reform.

I dare you: Prove me wrong.