Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lunch Break Library Blogging: Malek Mops Up

One can only imagine what kind of backslapping is going on over at GMD today over their fiasco of a debate yesterday between the Democratic candidates for lite-guv, Matt Dunne and John Tracy. I’d spoof them again but the real-life version is even funnier than the whacked out stuff my tired mind can make up. If I had to take a guess, I’ll bet Vermonter is wondering if he looked fat on the television coverage or Odum is pondering a career move following their “amazing breakthrough” by applying for an associate blogger job with Baruth. Whatever the case may be, I’m sure it’s fucking hysterical. It’s like a bunch of bloated ex-jocks cheering the third inning error call that went their way. Dude! We did it. Whatever.

But the GMD debates of yesterday became even more meaningless today after Dr. Marvin Malek, the Progressive Party candidate for lite-guv, hit nothing short of a grand slam homerun in his one-on-one debate with Mark Johnson on Radio Vermont this morning. If I were Dunne and Tracy, I’d shit-can that sleepy rhetoric about how this year’s health care reform was “a first step,” because Malek’s gonna eat you both alive if you keep that candy-ass nonsense up.

It’s the first time I’ve actually heard Malek address the issues and he blew the Snarkmaster away. Granted, he got a bit lecturish and long-winded from time to time, but he certainly knows his stuff and can swap away the middle-of-the-road garbage that critics often throw at universal health care advocates.

If Malek continues to perform this well, he’s going to be stealing a whole hell of a lot of votes from whoever the Dem is in this race. And that will certainly spell another accidental victory to Vermont’s Mr. Magoo of politics, Brian Dubie.

The Dems, of course, will sit up and scream about how Malek “spoiled” it for them, but it’s obvious from comparing yesterday’s debate with today’s that Malek’s got what neither of the Dems have: political guts. This is what the Progs are supposed to be offering Vermonters, someone who is saying things that none of the other candidates are saying – and, better yet, saying it well.

In this regard, Malek is a much better Progressive candidate that Anthony Pollina ever was or ever will be. Malek’s genuine where Pollina’s just desperate. Malek’s articulate where Pollina can’t finish a sentence without correcting himself. Malek’s got the credentials where Pollina’s just got a losing record. And Malek’s got no baggage where Pollina has – well – a losing record.

It’ll be interesting to see how much support the Progs are going to throw behind the Malek candidacy. I know his entrance into the race was not “party sanctioned,” a big deal for a group of people who run their party like some Stalin stepsister. But my guess is that Malek has put them in a bind with his issue-focus and well-spoken manner, forcing them to give him a public nod for the time being. I hope it’s more than that, though. Malek deserves it.
So go ahead, GMDers, keep pounding those chests over your 37-person audience yesterday for that sleepy little affair. But you’re facing a certain ass whipping in November unless you start waking up your candidates and learning a little something from Malek. Unlike your blow-dried fellows, this guy’s the real deal.