Monday, August 07, 2006

Oh -- My ---God, They're Cute!

Wow. After posting my snarky little diatribe on the candidates for governor, I went searching for some information on the lieutenant governor’s race. My, oh my, did I find some cuties! Well, at least on the Democratic side. Just look at those boys! Now that’s what I call REAL political potential, in the Kennedy mode, no doubt. You could see them bonking whatever comes their way, just like it used to be.

As for me, I think I’m pretty secure with my sexuality – at least my girlfriend thinks so – but when I take a gander at these two power hunks it really makes me wonder and think about wandering.

If, for example, I DID decide to wander outside of the hetero-tent for a bit, I think I’m more of a Matt Dunne kind of guy. Yeah, he’s a bit simian for my taste, but – my goodness – look at those eyes!

And please, don’t take this personally, John, I’d still consider a rookie romp with you but I haven’t quite gotten over your presumed stuffiness. I guess you’re too much of a Kennedy-wannabe for my tastes. But those shoulders! Fucking yum.

But, again, I’m not of that persuasion. And I haven’t had a chance to see their wives. Do they have ‘em? I hope not. I mean, I’d like to see ‘em.

I’m just confused.

And I’d take either of them over Dubie, for sure.

Voting wise, that is.