Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Green Mountain Nonsense

Shhh...don't speak too loudly or quickly, you might scare the little Green Mountain Daily chicken bloggers. And -- holy shit! -- if you engage in creative writing or use foul language they'll make the assumption that you break into cars by evening. Yeah, that makes sense.

But they're just fragile little bloggers over there. We know that. Why else would they attack the Snarky Boy and then lock him out -- thus preventing a response?

Can you say: Swift-Boat Bloggers. I knew you could. Come on, fellas, that's soooo Republican.

Oh boy, the Snarkmaster loves the feeling of the soft, little beaks at GMD pecking at me. Ah, watch the site meter jump!

You gotta feel for these little birds, though, they still think the only humor in Vermont comes from Rusty Dewees and Fred Tuttle. But we'll just keep feeding them until they're big enough to eat.