Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Now It's Making Sense

This just in! The Matt Dunne campaign has contacted Snarky Boy to try and explain his awkward performance during yesterday's online debate with John Tracy. It turns out that the man Green Mountain Daily assigned to monitor his typing, Neil Jensen (aka Vermonter) [see photo above], came dressed in what Dunne described simply as "rather intimidating attire." Well, I'd agree with bizarre but "intimidating" may be a stretch. Worse, Dunne also said that every time the screen name "Odum" appeared on the monitor, Jensen would jump down from the table he used to stand over Dunne, swing his sword around and just yell, "Dude! Dude! Dude!" It was, as Dunne concluded, more than a bit distracting.

Our apologies to the Dunne campaign. That must have been difficult. And, as a result, the Snarky Boy now declares you the winner. Unless, of course, we're informed of similar nefarious activities at the site of Tracy's typing. Come on, Jack, you got something to tell us?